All the benefits Americans could get if another stimulus bill passes


The federal government wants to push through another stimulus package to address the most pressing concerns facing the US as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The question is, when? And will it be too late to help those in the greatest need?

By many accounts, negotiations over another stimulus package are in shambles. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s intention to have a bill wrapped up by Aug. 7 is now the stuff of fantasy, as talks between Republicans and Democrats are barely creeping along, rooted firmly on the overall price of the bill.

“The American people are suffering through no fault of their own,” said Florida Democratic Representative Val Demmings on Sunday. “We need to pass a meaningful bill.”

While there’s some optimism a bill could pass before the Nov. 3 election, others in Washington aren’t shy about airing their doubts. When and if a new coronavirus relief package is signed into law, here are all the ways it could benefit the economy — and you. This story updates often.


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