All Frappuccinos Are 50% Off at Starbucks on Thursday


Look, we know you’re grimacing about the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes harder than Spider-Man watching the breakup of his parents. But summer isn’t over and pumpkin season isn’t here yet, no matter what Hormel wants you to believe.

Fortunately, when you stop in for this week’s Starbucks Happy Hour, the pervasive smell of Spice won’t quite yet be washing over you, causing you to smell like your aunt’s bathroom potpourri bowl. Instead, when you stop by on Thursday, August 22, you’ll be getting 50% off any Frappuccino blended drink size grande or larger from 3pm to close. The offer excludes any pre-bottled beverages and is only available at participating locations.


Here’s how to get the deal: Download the Starbucks mobile app. When you open it, you’ll find the offer in your inbox. You do not have to be a rewards member to take advantage of promotions in the app. Though you get points toward more free drinks if you are a member, and it’s free to join.

Take the opportunity to try the unicorn-esque Tie Dye Frappuccino, because you know you’re a little curious about what the hell is going on there. What flavor is tie-dye? Plus, as a bonus, you’ll not only be running on caffeine but a sugar high.





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