5 Reasons the Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping Program is a Game-changer for Your Marketplace Listings


Walmart’s fast shipping program, Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping, guarantees fast and free shipping with no membership needed. As of October 2018, the program has been extended to eligible Marketplace sellers’ listings, with the added benefit of no minimum order requirement. This means that all Walmart.com sellers can benefit from offering fast, free shipping, which customers love.

To stay competitive, marketplaces across the board are raising the stakes when it comes to delighting shoppers.

This is a guest post from the Deliverr team, and we have extensive experience as Walmart’s official 2-day fulfillment partner. Read on as we delve into why Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping is so important, and explain how to enroll in the program.

Why free 2-day shipping is so important

1. Rank higher in search results

Shoppers can filter for fast shipping in their search results, which is a great way to reduce your competition as well as get more visibility for your listings.



In addition to buyers filtering for 2-day shipping, Walmart’s fast shipping tags are prominently displayed across the search results, highlighting listings that offer this type of fulfillment.

2. Win the buy box

Having free 2-day shipping enabled on your listing boosts your chances of winning the Walmart buy box. In order to qualify for the program, sellers must maintain high account metrics and stay on top of their service level agreements, which is great for overall account health. These factors combined give you a higher chance of winning the buy box, and eliminating your competition in search results.


One eCommerce seller who fulfills with Deliverr won the buy box after enabling 2-day shipping tags. Taking a look at the image above, you may notice that several different products have been displayed, even though the search term is very exact. To improve the customer experience, Walmart combines all offers, including sellers’ and their own, into one listing per item. Shoppers then click the item and from the item page expand the option to see the other sellers offering the same product. One offer wins the buy box and is the default option for shoppers unless they click and choose an offer from a different seller.

3. Compete on service, instead of price

Fast shipping programs naturally require high levels of service, which means that price isn’t everything when it comes to making customers happy.


The Deliverr seller mentioned above won the buy box even though their product was slightly more expensive than the next competing listing. The only difference? Free 2-day shipping.

4. Eliminate cart abandonment

58% of consumers abandon their carts due to high shipping costs, and 56% abandon carts due to unexpected shipping costs. Offering free shipping is key to keeping those shoppers all the way through to purchase.

5. Boost overall sales and conversions

A study from Deloitte shows that shoppers, holiday shoppers especially, are hooked on fast and free shipping. Thanks to a boost in search results, higher overall account metrics, and the chance at winning the buy box, sellers enjoy generous jumps in sales after enabling 2-day shipping.

We’ve seen these results firsthand, with sales tripling and more after enabling Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping. Art supplies sales rose 92%, makeup items sold 190%, board-game sales rose 200%, and shampoo items saw a huge increase of 500% in sales……Read More>>

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