12 great apps for your new iPhone in 2020

If you’re lucky enough to have unwrapped a new iPhone as a holiday gift this year, you’ll probably want to install some new apps on it. Fortunately, we’re here to help with some suggestions. We’ve included great apps that are just generally fun or useful to have on your phone, and apps that you should download to replace the default ones that Apple ships.



With iOS 14, Apple made it easier to customize the way your iPhone looks, offering new widgets and easier methods for setting custom application icons. One of the biggest names around when it comes to iPhone widgets is Widgetsmith, which lets users add photos, text, quotes, and more. Combine it with some clever icon swaps (now easier than ever in the latest iOS update) and the right wallpaper, and you’ve got the customized iPhone of your dreams.



It’s tough to make it out to libraries right now, but if you’ve got a smartphone, you can get to the next best thing: Libby, which lets you borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library for free right from your phone. Plus, the app itself is a great digital reading app in its own right, so you can enjoy books even without a dedicated device like a Kindle.

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