10 Items You Can Always Get For Free At Cvs!


If you already shop at CVS then you know that there are certain items you can always get for free if you wait patiently enough.  If you don’t shop at CVS, then you are missing out on FREEBIES on a regular basis!

Take advantage of store deals combined with manufacturer coupons, CVS store coupons, Extra Care Bucks and app rebates!

1. Toothpaste

NEVER, EVER pay for Toothpaste.  At least twice a month you can usually pick up Colgate and/or Crest for FREE!


2. Mouthwash

Just as often as you can get toothpaste for free, you can get mouthwash too.  Colgate and Crest are the ones you can usually pick up for FREE, but sometimes you can get Listerine too.

3. Hair Care Products

Shampoo, Conditioner and stylers are so easy to get for FREE.  At least once a month you can pick up P&G products for FREE, including Pantene and Head & Shoulders, and very often, Garnier and L’oreal.

4. Cosmetics

There are ALWAYS deals to get on cosmetics but you need to be open to different brands.  Covergirl, Maybelline and Physician’s Formula are the easiest make-up lines to get for free, but you will find deals on NYX, L’Oreal and Almay too.

5. Body Wash

At least once a month, you can score body wash, both men’s and women’s for FREE.  Usually Nivea, Softsoap and Irish Spring.

6. Razors

Ever hear the old adage, ” I will give you a razor for FREE, but you will have to buy the razor blades”?  Well that’s not the case here.  No reason to pay for razor blades when you can always get the whole thing for free.  Most often, Schick razors, both disposable and non-disposable, for FREE.

7. Deodorant

Speed Stick is the #1 deodorant, both men’s and women’s, you can get for FREE at CVS.  Every other month or so, Right Guard.  A few times a year you can get Mitchum, Sure and Brut for FREE too.  Secret and Gillette are not easy to get for FREE but if you can find it on clearance and use a coupon you can pick it up dirt cheap.

8. Feminine Hygiene products

Playtex, Tampax, Stayfree, Carefree and Kotex always go on sale and at  certain times and often you can pick them up for FREE.  Don’t discount the CVS brand as well as you do get CVS coupons that make them FREE as well.

9. Lotions

Not an item you can get for FREE all the time, but look for deals on Nivea and Vaseline that you can get for FREE.  Also look for the CVS brand on clearance to pair with a coupon to get for FREE.

10. Vitamins

The best time of year to score FREE Vitamins is in January.  A lot of New Year’s Resolutions are to get healthy and the manufacturer and retailers know this.  Stock up for a year at this time.  Usually the expiration dates are at least a year out so you can do this.


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