10 Free Christmas Movies You Can Stream This Weekend


You’ve been looking forward all December to spending time with the family. Or you’ve been waiting for days for this opportunity to escape all other humans and curl up with your favorite screen. Either way, chances are you are so ready for that particular brand of mind-numbing entertainment that comes with watching a Christmas movie. And after spending so much cash on presents, you probably would also like to stream those Christmas movies for free.
What with the constant ebb and flow of movie studios’ contracts with streaming services and premium networks, the Christmas movies you so comfortably streamed for free last year may have moved, or are now only available for rent. Don’t curse the scrooges that made that happen. Just make like one of these flicks’ heroes and embrace the spirit of the season with an open heart — or something like that — and watch another old classic or a brand-new original. There most certainly isn’t a shortage of bright musical sequences and quirky small business owners who think they’re too busy for love.
Browse through this list of our favorite Christmas movies that are currently streaming on subscription services* (and premium channels), just in time to rescue you from the reality of the holiday season.
A Christmas Prince, 2017

Let’s go back to simpler times, in 2017, when there weren’t 10,000 original Netflix Christmas movies, allowing this one to shine brighter in all its cheesy glory. Now that a real American girl has married a real European prince, it’s almost like a documentary. Read all the many things we’ve had to say about this wonderfully terrible instant Christmas classic, if you’ve yet to enjoy A Christmas Prince.

Four Christmases, 2008

Sure, you could be getting warm and fuzzy watching Love, Actually or The Holiday, but instead we will give you two very good reasons to watch this movie about a pretty awful couple wrangling multiple family commitments that they’d rather skip altogether: 1) It will make you feel better about your own dysfunctional family. 2) After reading this recap of how Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn reportedly hated each other when they made this movie, every scene has delicious layers of antagonism to interpret.

Bad Santa, 2003

This is a great one to watch when you’re feeling really over Christmas — priming you to identify with Billy Bob Thornton’s crotchety thief who dresses as Santa to rob malls. Just a warning that there is still a sappy happy ending, however.

White Christmas, 1954

As long as holiday shopping hasn’t yet ruined Bing Crosby for you, this sweet classic, also starring Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney, is filled with dance numbers and loosely following that favorite holiday movie plot: Can the spirit of Christmas and budding romance save a struggling inn?

The Holiday Calendar, 2018

Like so much else in pop culture, Christmas movies as a genre are ridiculously whitewashed. What a relief it is to see Netflix make a little effort to cast one of its movies with some actors of color — and no matter how corny this plot is, we can’t help but love Kat Graham and Quincy Brown as BFFs who obviously belong together……Read more>>

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